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APS CEO: Joshua Frazier

CEO, Joshua Frazier

Aegis Protective Service is a security company with more than 35+ years of combined services and experience in the security industry. We provide security guard services to small and medium sized businesses in New Jersey. Our officers are trained for success. We are here to protect and serve your business. The company is own and managed by Joshua Frazier.

We are committed to excellence by providing premium and unsurpassed security officer services, and fulfilling the needs of the client.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Due to recent events and rapid changes in our society, many companies are looking to improve or restructure the security plan in their organization, and seek the services of top-notch security personnel and companies to achieve this objective. Our mission is to put your mind at ease by delivering top-level protection services to your company.

We offer an assortment of security officer services. Our strength lies in our willingness to work with customers to develop and put into effect a security plan and system that suits the needs and requirements of the client.

Our security personnel are adequately trained, and prepared to handle and respond to all types of emergencies, and potential threats. Our security guards always maintain a professional and respectable attitude, while remaining attentive, vigilant, and ready to respond to any potential threat or danger. We understand that communication is the key to success!

We have provided security officer services for all types of organizations, including Fortune 500 Enterprises, Entertainment and Production companies, and a host of medium and small businesses. As a direct result of our business affairs and associations, we have established strong and growing relationships with many reputable clients.

Our Mission is to put your mind at ease by providing top-notch, premium, and unsurpassed security officer services for your company. In order to achieve this objective, we structure our business strategy and plan using two essential fundamentals: First, we strive for excellence by treating every client, vendor, and employee with the utmost respect and dignity. Second, We Train Every Officer For Success!

Each officer understands the mission of the company is to observe, report, and act as a visual deterrent to anyone who may be a potential threat or cause harm to others. Our officers are attentive, vigilant, and ready to respond to any type of emergencies or potentially dangerous situations.

Our formula for success is hiring the right person for the job. We are not a large corporate security firm; however, we have a sufficient number of experienced and adequately trained officers to accommodate your security needs. When you select Aegis Protective Service as your security provider, first we analyze and evaluate the needs and requirements of the client and design Standard Operating Procedures for each individual account. Second, we review the overall characteristics, and experience of each of our officers and select the ones most sufficiently trained and qualified to provide the services, and ultimately fulfill the needs of the client.

During the course of his career, Joshua Frazier has worked for several large corporations and businesses. He has worked as the Fire Safety / OSHA Coordinator and Security / Fire Safety Coordinator for the Philip Morris World Headquarters. He has served as the Supervisor of Entertainment Security for Starwatch Security. He has also held the position as the Manager of Facility Operations for Sony Music Studios.

Mr. Frazier has held managerial positions in these large companies, where he oversaw the security operations, implemented strategies and methods to ensure the safety and protection of up to thousands of people at any given time, and provided leadership and direction to hundreds of security personnel.

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