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Security Guard Training

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SORA Training

SORA training is required for all contract security positions in New Jersey. Register now for training classes so you can qualify to get your security guard license. We Train Our Officers For Success!

Get an inside look at our training program. Watch the video below (please note: school address has changed):

How The Training Program Works

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    Who is required to take SORA Training?

    Any person seeking to be employed as, or perform the functions and activities of a security officer in the state of New Jersey must complete an approved 24-hour mandated course, taken over 3 days, of classroom instruction taught by a certified security officer instructor.

    Have questions? Please read the SORA Training FAQs.

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    What does the SORA Training course cover?

    The SORA training includes:

    1. The roles of a Security Officer

    2. Homeland security and counter terrorism

    3. Communications/emergency response

    4. Theft prevention

    5. Limits on the use of force

    6. Detention of suspects

    7. Ethics and professional conduct

    8. First Aid/CPR/AED

    9. Customer service

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    In order to take SORA training, you must

    1. be at least 18 years of age

    2. produce a valid photo identification with a valid expiration date . An expired New Jersey photo drivers license in combination with a current non-photo license is also acceptable.

    3. A valid “temporary certificate of registration as a security officer.”

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    What is the cost to attend?

    SORA Recertification: $40.00 per student
    SORA Training Class:  $125.00 per student

    Group Discounts Available!

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    When is the course offered:

    Days and Hours:
    Monday – Wednesday: 9am to 4:30pm

    SORA and CPR Training – Security Guard School
    160 Ward St, Suite 207
    Paterson, NJ 07050

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    How to sign up:

    To register, or if you have additional questions, please contact us:

    Phone: 973-782-6876